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The Red Box - Art Project by Yohannes Artinyan


concept or a few lines of background history.

We started this project in autumn 2010. We wanted to find a different way for presentation of "classic" visual art in a virtual environment.
why... because we believe there are two factors that are essential for the perception of visual art - space and materiality. We focused on space. In the beginning we thought that it was enough to develop a virtual 3d space and objects within it. The result was lamentable - somewhere between a GPS navigation and photo panorama. We made too many controls and options to achieve effects similar to 3d game. We were trying to imitate reality but this was not the goal. We had to change our approach and focused on the experience.
And this is the result.


Gallery of 5 virtual exhibitions - 3D boxes. The exhibitions include painting, lithography and video from Sevdalina Kochevska & Peter Kochevski.
Selected & arranged by Yohannes Artinyan.
TECHOLOGY: Custom MVC - AS3. Custom 3D engine - based on Adobe Flash Player 10 native 3D capability. DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Yohannes Artinyan.

credits & copyright

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belongs to i-creativ studio The copyright on the art works shown on this site belongs to their authors.

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